Patents & Approvals

We are the Smart company securing your weak link to preserve the environment and prevent catastrophic hose failures!

US Government Regulations

Smart-Hose Technologies offers a patented and engineered solution that deals with the inherent dangers represented by hose assemblies. The Smart-Hose safety system is a proven technology that has received endorsement from the US Department of Transportation.

US Passive Safety Device Mandate

In recognition of the Smart-Hose Safety System, The US Department of Transportation has issued special permits for relaxed attendance for the following applications (click on the link for the permit)




  • Application for DOT Special Permit 14447 Click Here


Special Permit Completeness Review for Renewal Applications Click Here.


Environmental Protection Agency:
Safety Alerts

In June of 2007, The United States Environmental Protection Agency issue a Chemical Safety Alert regarding the over reliance of Excess Flow Valves (EFVs).

European Approvals

Smart-Hose Technologies has recently been issued their CE Marking Permission. The CE Marking Permission certifies Smart-Hose Technologies to CE Mark Category II pressure equipment/hose assemblies in accordance with PED. The CE Marking Permission will permit Smart-Hose Technologies to sell the Smart-Hose Safety System into general chemical transfer applications throughout Europe that fall under the pressure and size rating defined by the PED. Smart-Hose Technologies CE Marking Permission

Canada Approvals

CSA International has issued CSA Approval for Smart-Hose Technologies Type 1 LPG Smart-Hose assemblies. Smart-Hose Technologies CSA Certificate

Fertilizer Canada - Ammonia Code of Practice - Implementation Guide Section C10.5 - Pull-Away Protection Technology - Bulletin # 03-2016

Technical Standards & Safety Authority has issued Smart-Hose Technologies Canadian Registration Numbers CRN for the following:

  • Alberta                       CRN 0D16092.5
  • Quebec                      CRN 0D16092.56
  • Ontario                       CRN 0D16092.5
  • Saskatchewan           CRN 0D16092.56
  • Manitoba                    CRN 0D16092.54
  • British Colombia         CRN 0D16092.51
  • Prince Edward Island CRN 0D16092.59870YTN
  • Nova Scotia                CRN 0D16092.59870YTN
  • New Brunswick           CRN 0D16092.59870YTN
  • Newfoundland             CRN 0D16092.59870YTN
  • Yukon                          CRN 0D16092.59870YTN
  • Northwest Territory      CRN 0D16092.59870YTN 
  • Nunavut                       CRN 0D16092.59870YTN


Sweden Approvals

Inspecta has issued Approval no. 12-454065-00. Sweden Approval for Smart-Hose Technologies, Penflex Series 700 metal hose assemblies both 1” and 2” with flange connection.