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Are Metal Hose assemblies compliant for LPG Applications?

The governing body for the transfer of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) is The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). The NFPA code number 58 mandates that all LPG hose assemblies must be manufactured to UL-21 specifications. UL-21 Section 3.1 describes the hose construction as follows: “The tube or lining of a hose shall be made from synthetic rubber of the oil-resistant type.” The use of the word “shall” requires the use of rubber tubing and eliminates the possibility of using metal hose in LPG Service.

Also, 14.1.1 of the UL-21 specifications states: A hose shall withstand 200,000 cycles of repeated bending without breakdown. Again, metal hose is manufactured to NAHAD 400 flexing specifications of 10,000 cycles.

Conclusion: Are Metal hose assemblies Compliant for LPG and NH3 MC330 / 331 Transport applications?

 Although, Stainless Steel is considered to be an acceptable alloy for use in both the NH3 and LPG industries, metal hose assemblies, in Mr. Shelton’s opinion, do not meet the regulatory mandates that are in place for both the transfer of NH3 and LPG. Both Federal and State laws prohibit the use of hoses in the transfer of NH3 and LPG service that do not conform to industry standards. The governing body, for the NH3 and the LPG industries are: The Fertilizer Institute – Rubber Manufacturers Association (TFI-RMA) M-5 and The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Code 58. Metal hose assemblies fail to meet the regulatory specification defined by the governing body in both the LPG and NH3 industries. In conclusion, Mr. Shelton is convinced that any company utilizing metal hose assemblies in MC 330/ 331 transport loading / unloading applications are not compliant with industry regulations.

Utilizing metal hose assemblies for LPG and NH3 MC 330/ 331 transport applications represents an extremely dangerous practice. If you are interested in discussing this matter in greater detail please contact Tim Raftery General Manager for Smart-Hose Technologies at 215-730-9000 ext. 106 or at Together we can make the LPG and NH3 industries a safer place to conduct business.