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Smart-Hose Technologies obtains CE Marking Permission

Folcroft, PA - Smart-Hose Technologies has recently been issued their CE Marking Permission. The CE Marking Permission certifies Smart-Hose Technologies to CE Mark Category II pressure equipment/hose assemblies in accordance with PED. The CE Marking Permission will permit Smart-Hose Technologies to sell the Smart-Hose Safety System into general chemical transfer applications throughout Europe that fall under the pressure and size rating defined by the PED.

The Smart-Hose Safety System represents a unique safety system that is installed inside class 2 hazardous hose assemblies. Designed as a passive safety device, the Smart-Hose Safety System is designed to instantaneously shut down the flow of hazardous material in both directions in the event of a catastrophic hose failure. Designed as a passive safety device, the Smart-Hose Safety System requires no human intervention to activate. 

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