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Smart-Hose Technologies Announces Approval of Oxygen Cleaning Standards by Praxair


Folcroft, PA - Smart-Hose Technologies is pleased to announce that our oxygen cleaning procedures have been approved by Praxair. The Smart-Hose O2 cleaning standards / procedures have recently been audited by Praxair. As a result of the audit, Praxair has determined that the Smart-Hose O2 cleaning procedures either meets or exceeds Praxair Standard GS-38 Oxygen cleaning standard. Therefore, Smart-Hose Technologies has been certified as an approved vendor for Praxair Standard GS-38 Oxygen cleaning.

The Praxair GS-38 Oxygen cleaning standard is typically specified for high purity hose cleaning applications. High purity hose cleaning specification are designed to eliminate unwanted particles, hydrocarbons and other contaminates which can contribute to the corruption of the product and in some cases lead to flash fires and explosions. High Pressure Oxygen hose, Cryogenic hose and some industrial hose applications / specifications can demand high levels of purity. Smart-Hose Technology is certified to clean hose assemblies for high purity applications.

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