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Keeping You Connected Volume 14

2015 saw many accomplishments for Smart-Hose Technologies®, including the development and release of the Smart-Hose Break-Away Adapter, as well as the 1 ¼” and 3” Smart-Hose Break-Away end fittings.  We also have earned our CE Marking Certification and have launched our state of the art online training tool, Smart-Hose University.   The Smart-Hose Sales Team has been extremely busy scheduling webinar training, conducting joint calls and preforming live demos at distributor open house celebrations.


The Smart-Hose Engineering Department has developed and released to production the new Smart-Hose Break-Away Adaptor, the 1 ¼” and 3” Smart-Hose Break-Away fittings. In the fall of 2015, Smart-Hose Technologies earned the CE Marking Certification. Finally, in December, Smart-Hose University an online training tool was launched.

New Smart-Hose Break-Away Adaptor (LL3-BA):


Smart-Hose Technologies is pleased to announce the release of the Smart-Hose Break-Away Adaptor. The Smart-Hose Break-Away Adaptor is designed for rigid loading arm applications that do not utilize a hose assembly to make the connection but still requires pull-away protection. The break-away adaptor is designed to be a full flow break-away that requires no annual maintenance.

Break-Away Adaptor (LL3-BA)


Smart-Hose Break-Away Safety System:

Smart-Hose Technologies is proud to announce the expansion of its Smart-Hose Break-Away Safety System to include both 1 ¼” and 3” Smart-Hose assemblies


Smart-Hose Break-Away (LL3-B)   (available in 1 ¼”, 2” and 3” ID)


The Smart-Hose Break-Away system works in conjunction with the Smart-Hose system and is designed to be a full-flow, break-away that requires no annual maintenance. The market’s only proactive break-away technology the Smart-Hose Break-Away Safety System can offer your customers break-away protection at a price point that is significantly less than conventional break-away technology.


CE Marking Certification:


Smart-Hose Technologies has recently been issued their CE Marking Permission. The CE Marking Permission certifies that Smart-Hose Technologies manufacturing specifications meets or exceeds the CE Mark Category II pressure equipment specifications in accordance with PED. The CE Marking Permission will permit Smart-Hose Technologies to sell the Smart-Hose Safety System into general chemical transfer applications throughout Europe that fall under the pressure and size rating defined by the PED.


Smart-Hose University:

Smart-Hose Technologies recently developed and released Smart-Hose University. Smart-Hose University is a free online training tool that can be utilized by Smart-Hose Distributors, End Users and Engineers. Designed with several Smart-Hose lesson plans and a certification exam, Smart-Hose University can be used to educate Smart-Hose distributors and customers on the Smart-Hose Safety System. Smart-Hose University can be accessed from the Smart-Hose website home page, or by clicking here.

New Faces at Smart-Hose Technologies:

Dean Theodos has rejoined the Smart-Hose Sales Team as the Business Development Manager. With over 20 years of industrial hose experience at Parker, Dixon, Emco Wheaton and Smart-Hose Technologies, Dean is considered to be a hose expert. If you and your team are interested in scheduling Smart-Hose Training or joint calls please contact Dean Theodos at DTheodos@Smarthose.com

Traveling / Live Pull-Away Demo:

In 2015 several of our clients had us conduct our live pull-away demonstration, at their or their client’s facility.  It is a real showstopper, so if you are planning an open house or other event in 2016, consider showcasing our live pull-away demo.  Conducting a live pull-away at your open house will help drive customers to your open house and will educate them on the dangers associated with pull-away incidents while informing them on the benefits associated with the Smart-Hose Break-away Safety System.  The pull-away demo unit is a light weight mobile pull-away fixture that can easily be shipped to your location.

If you are interested in scheduling a live pull-away demo please contact Tim Raftery at 215-730-9000 Ext. 106 or e-mail him at TRaftery@Smarthose.com .


Smart-Hose Technologies 2016 Webinars:

Smart-Hose Technologies will be scheduling several webinars throughout the year. The webinars focus will be various hose related topics. The dates of the upcoming webinars will be posted on the Smart-Hose Website, Facebook and Twitter accounts. Each webinar will be approximately 30 minutes in length with 15 minutes for Q and A. Our first webinars will address the following topics and will be scheduled for the following dates:

Tuesday March 8th, 2016:         

Smart-Hose Technology Overview

Presenter: Joel Alzate, QC Engineer


Thursday March 10th, 2016:   

The Smart-Hose Break-Away Safety System

Presenter: Dean Theodos, Business Development Manager

To register for either webinar send an e-mail to Sales@SmartHose.com and indicate what webinar session you are interested in attending. We will e-mail you back an invitation to the webinar.

For additional training, if you or your team is interested in additional Smart-Hose Training contact one of the Smart-Hose sales team members and they will schedule a Go-To-Meeting training session.