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Keeping You Connected Volume 13

It is hard to believe that 2015 is half way over, where did all of the time go? We guess the saying is true, “When you are busy time flies!” During the first 6 months of 2015 we have been extremely busy, conducting live demos at distributor open house celebrations and scheduling webinars. Smart-Hose Engineering Department has been awarded a new break-away patent and has obtained Praxair oxygen cleaning approval.… time flies when you are having fun!!!

For the 8th consecutive year, Smart-Hose Technologies has experienced significant sales growth. Our success would not be possible without your support and commitment, Thank You!

New Smart-Hose Break-away Patent:
Smart-Hose Technologies Engineering Department was recently issued a new break-away patent. The new patent covers any hose with a destructive feature including an integrated break-away feature. The new patent will allow the Smart-Hose Engineering staff the ability to expand the Smart-Hose Break-away product line.


New Faces at Smart-Hose Technologies
Frank Ryan has joined the Smart-Hose Quality Control Department. He will be working with Joel Alzate Smart-Hose QC Engineer. Frank will assist in inspecting all incoming components to confirm that they are manufactured to Smart-Hose specifications. He will also be responsible for inspecting out-going Smart-Hose Assemblies.

Traveling / Live Pull-away Demo:
Through-out the spring Smart-Hose Technology Sales Department has conducted several live pull-away demos for various distributors. The pull-away fixtures have been designed to be easily transported which allows us the ability to conduct on-site live pull-away demos.

The live pull-away demo was designed to demonstrate the advantages of the Smart-Hose Break-Away Safety System. The Smart-Hose Break-Away Safety System is a full flow break-away that needs no annual maintenance and costs significantly less than conventional break-away designs.

If you are planning an open house in 2015 and are interested in conducting a live pull-away demo featuring the Smart-Hose Break-Away Safety System contact Tim Raftery at Smart-Hose Technology to schedule 215-730-9000 Ext. 106 or at e-mail him at TRaftery@Smarthose.com.

Smart-Hose 2015 Webinars and Go-To Meetings:

Smart-Hose Technologies will be scheduling several webinars throughout the year. The webinars focus will be various hose related topics. The dates of the upcoming webinars will be posted on the Smart-Hose Website, Facebook and Twitter accounts. Each webinar will be approximately 30 minutes in length with 15 minutes for Q and A. Our first webinars will address the following topics and will be scheduled for the following dates:

Tuesday October 20th, 2015:         
Smart-Hose Technology Overview
 Presenter: Joel Alzate, QC Engineer

Thursday October 22nd, 2015:  
The Smart-Hose Break-Away Safety System
Presenter: Tim Raftery, VP of Sales and        Marketing

To register for either webinar send an e-mail to Sales@SmartHose.com and indicate what webinar session you are interested in attending. We will e-mail you back an invitation to the webinar.

For additional training, if you or your team is interested in additional Smart-Hose Training contact one of the Smart-Hose sales team members and they will schedule a Go-To-Meeting training session.


Praxair Oxygen Cleaning Approval
In the spring of 2015 Smart-Hose Technologies oxygen cleaning procedures were audited by Praxair corporate. We are pleased to report that the Smart-Hose oxygen cleaning procedures meet or exceed the Praxair GS-0038 standard. Therefore, Smart-Hose Technologies has been approved as a Praxair Oxygen cleaning vendor.

Identifying Potential Smart-Hose Applications
In order to help drive Smart-Hose Sales for our distributor, the Smart-Hose marketing department has put together a quick review reference cut sheet for potential Smart-Hose applications (see below). 

All Class 2 Hazardous Transfer applications:  SO2, CO2, Chlorine, Sulfuric Acid, Ammonia, Acetylene, Hydrogen, Helium, Oxygen, Nitrogen, Butane, Iso-Butane, Propane, Ethyl Chloride, Nitrous Oxide, Bromic Chloride, Triflouroacetyl chloride, Anhydrous ammonia….. All Class 2 hazardous chemical transfer applications represent a potential Smart-Hose application.

High Pressure Cylinder Filling Applications
Long hose assemblies / applications (20’, 25’, 30’, 35’, 40’, 45’, and 50’)

Loading and unloading applications that have a Potential for a pull-away incident.

Loading Arm Applications / Smart-Hose Break-away

Loading arm applications that are operating at full Capacity. The Smart-Hose Break-away system offer full flow pull away protection.

Large Bore Class 2 Chemical transfer hose applications (3”, 4”, 6” hoses)

8” Barge Loading / Unloading hose applications.

Cryogenic Transfer applications

Any Hazardous transfer application over water

Any liquefied gas application like LPG or NH3

If you are interested in obtaining a Smart-Hose potential application cut sheet for your sales team please contact your Smart-Hose Representative. 

As always, we appreciate the efforts of our distributors and value our partnership. Together we can make hazardous transfer applications safer.