Specifications Sheet

We are the Smart company securing your weak link to preserve the environment and prevent catastrophic hose failures!

XLPE Chemical Break-away Hose

Designed to handle many commonly used Acid, Chemical and Solvent transfer applications

The Smart-Hose® Break-away is integrated into XLPE chemical transfer hose assemblies and is designed to work with XLPE corrugated chemical hose which can handle many commonly used acids, chemicals and solvents.  The corrugated hose construction incorporates a helical wire that provides full suction capability, flexibility and is kink resistant. The Smart-Hose® XLPE Break-away hose assembly has been designed to protect your plant’s piping and bulkhead from pull-away incidents. Designed to integrate with the Smart-Hose® Safety System and engineered with a predetermined break point. The Smart-Hose® Break-away can add an additional layer of protection inside your hose assembly while protecting your facility from the devastating consequences of a pull-away accident.

  • Full flow break-away design
  • Rugged shock proof design with annular seals
  • Built in Bumper feature
  • 316 SS Schedule 80 construction fittings
  • Integrated to work with the Smart-Hose® safety system
  • Available for both Plant and Transport applications.
  • Each hose is tested under water with dry air or nitrogen to working and test pressure
  • Each hose is serial numbered
  • Each hose is shipped with a Test Certificate and Operating Booklet

Click here for Smart-Hose Proper Use, Care, and Maintenance Booklet

Hose Data

Other hose types, sizes and lengths are available. To obtain information on any other types of hose product, contact Smart-Hose.

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