Specifications Sheet

We are the Smart company securing your weak link to preserve the environment and prevent catastrophic hose failures!

Hose Accessories

Any Hose, Any Fitting, Any Application... We can make your transfer operation safer!!!

Smart-Hose® Technologies produces the safest high pressure hose assemblies in the world. Designed with internal valves integrated with-in each end fitting, the Smart-Hose® Safety System will instantaneously shut down the flow of material  in both directions in the event of a catastrophic hose failure. The Smart-Hose® Safety System is a passive safety system and therefore, needs no human intervention to activate.

Smart-Hose® High Pressure hose assemblies can be ordered with a wide range of accessories and configurations.  Ask your Smart-Hose® sales representative for additional details.

  • Safety Loops
  • External Anti-Whip Cable
  • Heat Dissapater Fittings
  • Live Swivel Fittings
  • SS Armor
  • Bend Restrictors
  • BSPP Fittings
  • CGA Fittings
  • Spring Guard
  • Scuff Guard
  • Various options for end fitting configurations

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Hose Data

Other hose types, sizes and lengths are available. To obtain information on any other types of hose product, contact Smart-Hose.

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