Specifications Sheet

We are the Smart company securing your weak link to preserve the environment and prevent catastrophic hose failures!

Any Hose, Any Fitting

Any Hose, Any Fitting, Any Application... We can make your transfer operation safer!!!

Hose assemblies represent the weak link in any hazardous chemical transfer operation.  Smart-Hose® Safety System will allow your facility to add an additional layer of protection inside the weak link. Smart-Hose® is a passive safety device that can lower your risk of a catastrophic accident and may reduce the impact radius of your worst case scenario analysis.

  • Chemical Transfer
  • Petroleum Transfer
  • Railroad Car Loading / Unloading                    
  • Tank Truck Loading / Unloading
  • Loading Arm Applications                                 
  • Chlorine Transfer
  • Ship to Shore Transfer                                     
  • Pressure Wash  Applications
  • Hydraulic Applications                                      
  • Steam Transfer
  • Military Applications                                          
  • Aircraft Refueling
  • Oil Rig Applications                                         
  • Compressed Gas Transfer
  • Industrial Gas Transfer                                    
  • Cylinder Filling
  • Cryogenic Applications                                    
  • Pharmaceutical Applications
  • Agricultural Applications

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Hose Data

Other hose types, sizes and lengths are available. To obtain information on any other types of hose product, contact Smart-Hose.

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