Specifications Sheet

We are the Smart company securing your weak link to preserve the environment and prevent catastrophic hose failures!

Cryogenic Break-Away Hose

Designed to handle Cryogenic transfer applications

The Smart-Hose® Cryogenic Break-Away Assembly has been designed to protect your plant, bulkhead, tank truck piping and loading arms from the potential negative effects associated with a pull-away incident. It is engineered with a predetermined break point and works in conjunction with integrated valves that stop flow in both directions. The Smart-Hose® Cryogenic Break-Away Assembly adds an additional layer of protection inside your hose assembly while protecting your plant from the devastating consequences of a pull-away accident. Offered at a price point significantly less than conventional break-away technology. Patent pending.

Smart-Hose® Cryogenic Break-Away Assembly Features and Benefits:

  • Full Flow Break-away Design.
  • Requires no annual maintenance.
  • 360 Degree Engineered Break-away point.
  • Rugged shock proof welded metallic seal
  • 316 SS Schedule 80 construction.
  • Integrated to work with the Smart-Hose® Safety System
  • Factory Rebuild-able.
  • Custom Engineered break-points for specific applications.
  • Currently available for 2” and 3” applications.
  • Priced significantly less than a conventional break-away technology

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Hose Data

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